Burnt Out by Victoria Brookman – Our Review


Our Review…

Calida Lyons is watching her little life crumble before her eyes and is helpless to stop the implosion.

Her last novel was a sensation, but the novel she was commissioned to write three years ago… just hasn’t materialised yet. The deadline was once looming but now her publisher is well and truly fed up and the pressure is suffocating! Oh, and her husband has left her. He met someone he said suddenly, and moved out that day.

As if, all this isn’t enough, Calida is now sheltering for her life as bushfire destroys everything in its path, she hides with her neighbours, the neighbours that she never bothered to befriend.

Angry, frustrated and alone, Calida becomes the face of climate action and the environmental crisis when her vulnerable and heartbreaking rant is captured by news crews and broadcast through the world, during her darkest moment. Surprisingly she is offered a harbour side haven to live in while she gets back on her feet again, a gift from a strikingly handsome tech billionaire.

From highs to lows, we are taken on a journey through the life in real time, ‘Burnt Out’ is a really brilliant and unique read. Entertaining and funny, while simultaneously holding depth and thoughtful conversations. Calida really is a quirky, clever and frustratingly endearing character, this a perfect summer time read.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

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