Careering by Daisy Buchanan – Our Review


Our Review…

Harri appears to have it all… effortlessly fashionable with a devoted staff, she has devoted the ten intense years and churned through significant relationships to build up designer fashion magazine Panache. All her sacrifices will be worth it when she is promoted to the Editor-in-chief role she’s always dreamed of and has definitely earnt.

Instead she’s been moved sideways -a demotion in sorts as she’s tasked to create an online magazine aimed at young women -The Girl.

Meanwhile, a young junior unpaid assistant in her office, Imogen who works nights in a pen factory to afford her rent, is thrown a lifeline of sorts by Harri to write for The Girl. Imogen, on the cusp of what she imagines is a great career finds herself selling her soul to create what Harri appears to want.

A warning to all who feel they are marching on a treadmill they cannot hop off of, Careering is a fascinating insight into the cutthroat world of the fashion industry and a highly witty and insightful look at the toxic relationships we often inadvertently build around our careers.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books