Catch a Falling Star by Meg McKinlay – Our Review


Our Review…
This intricately written story by Meg McKinlay for upper primary school, has mastered the creation of authentic and endearing characters that warm your heart and stay with you long after the final page.
Frankie is 12 years old, but due to circumstances beyond her control she has to problem solve situations like an adult, always keeping an eye on her younger brother Newt. Newt is no ordinary little brother and has quirky traits that make him ‘Newtish’ Frankie and Newt have lost their father but he has left them both with a love for all things about space and in particular a curiosity around the inevitability of Skylab (one of the world’s first Space stations), tumbling back to earth. Then there is Frankie’s close yet complicated relationship with her best friend Kat, who unlike Frankie has never known what it is like to have things change in a moment and to know that “the bottom can drop out of the world”.
Set in 1979, in Western Australia, Catch a Falling Star is based on real events sprinkled with some magic and mayhem. Meg McKinlay cleverly intertwines themes and parallels from Colin Thiele’s novel Storm Boy. A journey which involves grief and loss balanced with hopes and dreams, this story is about fighting to change what you can, and letting go of what you can’t.
Walker Books have also created some amazing Teacher’s Notes in line with Australian Curriculum standards to compliment the story and use at home or in the classroom.

Review by Wendy @Great Escape Books