Catch Us the Foxes by Nicola West – Our Review


Our Review…

Everyone is enjoying the festivity and friendly chaos of a country evening fairground, it’s fun and a little scary, but when Marlowe stumbles upon the body of her closest friend Lily with strange symbols carved into her back, the dark underbelly of the pretty town quickly surfaces.

The daughter of the Police Chief, and a budding rookie reporter, Marlowe finds resistance to her questions at every turn. The more she digs into Lily’s last days, the more horrifying the rotten web of lies and deceit perpetrated by the towns leading citizens seems to be. It appears everyone has a reason for covering up the truth behind Lily’s murder, from Lily’s own parents to Marlowe’s father, the Chief of Police.

An exciting new talent, Nicola West has created a fabulously fresh and edgy character in Marlowe and perfectly captured the beauty and darkness of small country towns. A terrific addition to Australian rural noir – a great fresh crime read!

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books