Cedar Valley by Holly Throsby- Our Review


Cedar Valley – Holly Throsby

As Detective Sergeant Simmons quipped, “it’s either that or it’s the biggest fucking coincidence in Australian history, and you know what I think about coincidences”. The simultaneous arrival in Cedar Valley of 21 year old Benny Miller and the mysterious man in the brown suit shouldn’t have caused too much controversy, but when the man turns out to be both dead and unidentifiable it sets Cedar Valley on a course of gossip and intrigue.

Throsby’s follow up to the bestselling Goodwood is set just down the highway, a couple of hours out of Sydney. The small town has the usual mix of interesting people and hidden secrets but, as in Goodwood, it’s Throsby’s original story-lines, strong characters and quirky detail which make the book special. As the story unfolds we see memories of Benny’s recently deceased mother, the bohemian Vivian Moon, still challenging the twentieth century values and habits of the rural community. For Benny the move to Cedar Valley was all about her mother and the relationship they didn’t have, but the man’s death and the investigation into who he is, how he died and why he came to Cedar Valley loom large over both Benny and the whole town.

I loved Goodwood and waited impatiently for novel #2. Cedar Valley didn’t disappoint with even the questions it leaves unanswered still bubbling into my quiet moments some weeks after the book was done.
Review by Roger- Great Escape Books client