Clarke by Holly Throsby – Our Review


Our Review…

If there’s such a thing as a gently grim crime novel then Clarke is it. Holly Throsby knows a thing or two about crafting a story. She’s a multi award-winning singer songwriter and musician, and this is now her third novel set in small town rural communities, which seem to hold a fascination for her. Inspired by the early 1980’s case of the Lynette Joy Dawson disappearance, this small community of homespun but totally believable characters will pull at your heartstrings.

Barney wakes one incredibly humid morning to find four police cars on the doorstep of his newly rented suburban home in small town Clarke, all with heavy concrete drilling equipment in hand. His next door neighbour Leonie, who mysteriously is looking after Joe (not her child – more on that mystery unfolds later), leans over the fence, and sighs with relief – finally they have come looking for her friend Ginny Lawson…Then there is a mystery within a mystery as Barney is also shadowboxing a possible crime.

Peppered with warmth, humour and a cast of memorable captivating characters, this is not a fast paced novel, but it is kind and generous and wise, like its characters. Nonetheless, it does pack a mighty punch and deals brilliantly with the dark face of domestic violence and coercive control. A winning slow-burn read, perfect for any audience to curl up with.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books