Cold Coast by Robyn Mundy – Our Review


Our Review…

I took Robyn Mundy’s Cold Coast off your shelves after Christmas for a present for myself. What a joy.

I have actually been to Svalbard so thought maybe that was why I enjoyed it so very much. However I chose it for my book group to read and discuss. We had a great discussion of so many aspects of the book and everyone had loved it. I, and a couple of others, declared it one of the most enjoyable books ever! It took us all to a place most had never heard of, we loved the structure of the book, the little foxes and all the tension, intimacy, rawness, excitement. An outstanding read all 10 of us agreed. A great read for any casual browser.

Because it was mine to lead, I read it about 4 times – each time there is more to discover. It’s a quick read, or a slow and thoughtful one.

Review by Mandy in Anglesea