Come and Get It by Kiley Reid – Our Review


Our Review…

Everything comes at a price’… Be prepared to be cleverly entertained and a more than a bit morally challenged as you are catapulted into the steamy politics of an American university college.Kylie Reid’s new crisp novel has her hallmark trade whip-sharp dialogue bouncing between three young college students, Jenna, Tyler, Casey and who are definitely not quite as obvious as they seem on the surface, their struggling African American dormitory Residential Assistant, Millie, whom the young women disparaging call ‘a little ghetto’ and the a dazzling white professor Agatha, who thought she was there to write one thing but finds something far more intriguing below the surface.

The novel is a fascinating insight into race and privilege and the intersection that money and ethics play in a spectacularly unlevel playing field.

With it’s sharp pacy dialogue, Come and Get It, is an absolute page turner and a great social commentary book about money, power politics and race for any bookclub.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books