Common People by Tony Birch – Our Review


Our Review…
With ‘Common People’ Tony Birch makes electric fiction from the stuff of ordinary lives.
From all walks of life, but often with a deft light shone on indigenous Australians, Tony Birch creates a memorable cast of characters that will have you reconsidering the ordinary that touches us everyday.

With a trace of magic stardust, he makes the ordinary extraordinary with his understated restrained writing. This book will unsettle you but also inspire you to find wonder in unexpected places. From a stressed-out single mum working in a late-night illegal abattoir to homeless man providing shelter to an underage pregnant girl in distress, to a young-gun boy hell-bent on seeking justice for his brother’s death.

Tony Birch’s novels command a response from the reader – ‘Common People’, ‘Blood’, ‘Ghost River’, and his recently released ‘The White Girl’, all stack up as amongst the best reads in Australian literature.
Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books