Commonwealth by Ann Patchett


Our Review…
Another absolutely superb novel by master storyteller Ann Patchett. Opening with the character of Fix, a rugged Irish Catholic policeman in the LAPD Police force. He is beloved and celebrated, an established member of the community, so when he throws a christening for his second daughter, everyone comes along – the priest, his fellow policemen, the fire brigade, everyone. The house, the garden, the whole street explodes at the seams and as the alcohol flows, the party gets merrier. Fascinated you glimpse into this joyous, messy world, when an invited guest arrives. His greed and his desire cast a long shadow. The repercussions are enormous, for Fix, his beautiful wife and especially his young daughter. The fallout from this single event continues for the next forty years, affecting all around them. Ann Patchett's masterful character study into people's loyalties, desires and motivations makes for a mesmerizing novel.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books