Contemporary Australian Poetry Edited by Martin Langford, Judith Beveridge , Judy Johnson, David Musgrave.


The quality of Australian poetry has never been higher, nor the number of distinctive voices greater.
A landmark publication, this collection presents the astonishing achievements of Australian poetry during the last quarter of a century. Over ten years in preparation, gathering over 200 poets and 500 poems, it makes the case for this country's poetry as a broadening of the universal set for all English-speakers.
'Somewhat astonishingly,' the introduction notes, 'and while no-one was looking, Australian poetry has developed a momentum and a critical mass such that it has become one more luminous field in the English-speaking imagination. Increasingly, anyone who seeks to explore the perspectives or music available in English will also have to consider the perspectives and music which have originated here – Australia having turned itself, too, into a place in the mind.'
Both survey and critical review, this anthology offers a rare opportunity to explore the major national achievement of contemporary Australian poetry.