Counterfeit by Kirstin Chen – Our Review


Our Review…

Entertaining and super easy to read, a Reece’s book club pick ‘Counterfeit’ is a light-hearted read that you can easily enjoy in an afternoon, curled up in front of the fire while winter passes on by.

Chinese American lawyer Ava Wong has crafted the perfect life and home. With a successful surgeon husband and adorable young son, things look picture perfect to the onlooker. But, behind her happy exterior, things are falling apart, and Ava is deeply disappointed with her life and feels awfully alone in her marriage all while questioning her capacity for motherhood.

When, her old college friend Winnie appears on the scene after a two-decade long hiatus, she is no longer the awkward girl that everyone felt sorry for and made fun of behind her back. Now, she is dripping in counterfeit luxury handbags and confidence, looking for a partner in crime to support her scheme to replicate designer bags and fleece them for the real deal.

Together, Ava and Winnie make the perfect team, until the plan begins to unravel, and Winnie disappears without a trace.

The perfect binge read, ideal for fans of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, it is both a funny and enjoyable read.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books