Crook Manifesto by Colson Whitehead – Our Review.


Our Review

Be drawn into a totally heady world of 1970’s Harlem. Trash is piling up on the streets, bars are teeming with shady characters,  buildings are on fire. The Bronx is going to hell.

Enter Ray Carney, furniture salesman and dedicated family man. He is just trying to keep his head down and shrug off his shady reputation as a former fence and mover of illegal watches, gems and pretty much anything else you wanted in a hurry. When his beloved teenage daughter May begs him for tickets to the Jackson 5 concert, he finds the only contact for tickets in town is his old police contact, Munson. He definitely wants more than a straightforward favour in return. Things quickly turn deadly.

This is in undoubtedly the most superb novel I have read this year. It’s nothing short of monumental in exploring the race and politics behind New York’s dark underbelly, but we also have entry into the world of Blaxploitation cinema and the Black Liberation Army.  All the while Colsen Whitehead writes with such dazzling wit and humour that the writing is lightning sharp and never laboured.

Crook Manifesto is by far the novel of the year for me.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books