Dark Mode by Ashley Kalagian Blunt – Our Review


Our Review…

‘Dark Mode’ is a psychological thriller for our time, terrifyingly drawn from true events. This is a glorious read. I picked up this novel before bed and stayed up way too late reading it because I could just not put it down. I had my heart in my throat for almost 400 pages and really loved it, as scary as it was.

Reagan Carsen is a young woman who is a digital enigma without a single digital footprint. No social media, no website, and most surprisingly, not even a smart phone.

But Reagan has good reason, and now her safety is in jeopardy after she stumbled across a young woman’s body in her neighbourhood. Disturbingly, the woman looked incredibly like her.

As more murders occur, Reagan isn’t the only woman afraid. But she is perhaps the only one petrified by the thought, that the past is back to haunt her.

Dark, moody and thrilling this one got me good. Enjoy the ride.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books