Days Without End by Sebastian Barry – Our Review


Our Review…

Days Without End and the newly released sequel A Thousand Moons, are amongst the most outstanding reads (for me) for 2020.

Days Without End of love, but mainly the deep and abiding self-sacrificing love you can hold for one or two people.

Days Without End shines a brilliant spotlight on the value and weight of friendship and camaraderie amongst men, but also on love. Of that intangible deep and abiding love that comes only once or twice a lifetime.

We first meet Thomas McNaughty and John Cole as two young boys. Starving and bone thin, but are saved from certain death when they are taken under the wing of a kindly innkeeper.
Here their knowledge of the ways of men deepen – their desires and sufferings.

Upon enlisting in the army, they find they are instructed to forcibly cleanse the ‘scourge’ of indigenous Indians- the Sioux and the Yurok.

These are days of tremendous hardships, but also the times they feel most vividly alive, athough it is w hen they have the opportunity to offer shelter to a young Indian girl do they understand the true meaning of love.

Sebastian Barry – an Irishman and no stranger to his own nations appalling human rights record, carves out a magnificent chapter of American history in a most compassionate and even-handed way.

Sebastian Barry’s new book – A Thousand Moons, the sequel to Days Without End, is also superb.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books

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