Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver – Our Review


Our Review…

As an avid reader of Barbara Kingsolver, I have been enjoying her many books throughout the years. I believe she has eclipsed her outstanding title, Poisonwood Bible, in this masterpiece.
With the echoes of David Copperfield, young Damon is born into a cruel and struggling life surrounded by vague family, friends, and the nightmare of the foster system in the Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia.
As a tall, red-headed, and better-looking young man than most, he finally gets a leg up when he is given a chance at education and a moment to shine as an athlete in a program for gifted children.
He has a core group of supporters to give him a slightly better chance than most. However, the poverty, crime, and drug culture are too heavy a burden, and from time to time, he weakens.
A huge book with 500 plus pages is a page turner, the language is the drawcard that keeps the doom at bay, pages filled with colourful, expressive hillbilly slang so descriptive that parts need to be re-read at times, including moments of extreme hilarity.
This should be a depressing read, but there is a beautiful hint of redemption toward the end.
A book that portrays the truth of the worldwide opiate drug scourge and the sad reality that the victims are the poor, uneducated, and vulnerable.
My favourite book this year by far, the author is a Pulitzer Prize winner and twice, Women’s Prize awarded. Say no more.
Review by Sue @ Great Escape Books.