Desire Lines by Felicity Volk – Our Review


Our Review…

Desire Lines is a beautifully crafted story, a wonderfully chunky book to really sink your teeth into. 

The book spans five decades in time, an unconventional love story of Paddy and Evie, and the rich story of their respective lives unfolding. 

Paddy is just a young boy, when he is placed suddenly and harshly into Institutional care in London, and then shipped to an Australian farm school.

Understandably, Paddy is left with unspeakable scars and fragility that is buried deep in his psyche, framing many memories and experiences. 

Evie Waddell and Paddy O’Connor meet at a country market as teenagers, from different worlds yet a profound connection is forged, their bond undeniable. 

Evie, we come to know as a strong determined and resilient woman with a big, and at times broken heart.

Desire Lines is a magnificently created journey of plot and people, lavish in the story and is just perfect to really immerse yourself within. 

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books