Dinner with the Schnabels by Toni Jordan – Our Review


Our Review…

Meet the Schnabels… the Schnabels are Simon Larson’s in laws, and they are a lot. The family consists of Simon’s monster, mother-in-law, his wife’s sister and brother and surprisingly, at the last minute a half sister appears on the scene too.

Over the course of one hectic week, we become a little too familiar with the Schnabels as Simon and his wife, Tansy are squished into a run down unit with their two children and the ring in, half sister, after Simon lost his dignity and once successful architectural practice during the pandemic.

Throughout the week we are taken on an all to relatable adventure with all the dramas, laughs and mishaps that come across Simon’s path.

Simon is a painfully loveable main character who provides a light hearted snapshot into the life of juggling family, kids, a house, careers and a marriage in real time.

While this book is filled with so much fun and humour, it is also a tangibly relatable reflection on the pandemic-wearied reality of life, which makes for a truly unique and memorable read!

Loved it!

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books