Diving Into Glass by Caro Llewellyn – Our Review


‘Diving Into Glass’ is a spectacular memoir by Caro Llewellyn, brilliantly written by this giant in the literary community.

Publicly, Llewellyn is the former director of several large-scale literary festivals throughout Australia and America. This memoir is a deep and authentic window into her private life.

The book, powerfully mirrors her experiences of growing up with a father wounded by polio, with Llewellyn’s own shock diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

While her father oozed stoicism in the face of adversity, Caro is forced to admit weakness and disappointment at her future.

It is a raw and sometimes uncomfortable telling of her own truth, a memoir of making sense of one’s life. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Llewellyn’s vulnerable style, immediately draws you in to her book. She is honest, and relatable and challenges our sense of security, identity and mortality.

A strong, intelligent and brave woman who confronts her inner self, and leaves you wondering if you too can take on the world.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books