Why you should give a f*ck about farming by Gabrielle Chan – Our Review


Our Review…

I believe this is essential reading – farming affects us all daily, and how we tackle it as a nation will affect our future enormously.

In the last two years major disasters (the bushfires and Covid-19) have posed a threat to our food security in Australia. Gabrielle Chan had hoped that these events would spark new political discussion – but they haven’t.

Why You Should Give A F*ck About Farming explores the risks to Australia’s food security, the challenges faced by farmers, the benefits of utilising traditional land practices and the ways the industry needs to adapt to a changing climate. Chan talks us through the important decisions made at government level, as well as by us, the individuals – giving us “food” for thought for how we might contribute to a safer, more sustainable future for ourselves and for our food producers.

If you want access to tasty, nutritious food in a few years’ time – read this book!

Review by Belinda @ Great Escape Books

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