Letters from Berlin Last by Tania Blanchard – Our Review


Our Review…

Letters From Berlin is an epic tale of strength, bravery and the healing power of love amidst some of the most incredibly devastating events in history.

For eighteen year old Susanna Gottmann, life in Berlin in 1943 is a precarious battle of survival as the allied forces encroach. With her adopted family and the man she loves deeply at risk, Susanna is challenged by how far she will go to save her family.

Presented with an opportunity to help her family by accepting the help of a man of influence… a senior Nazi official, Susanna forgoes any sense of a happy future with her beloved Leo and pays a great personal cost few can imagine.

Desperate to do anything she can save her family and help her country, Susanna will find a profound inner courage in this incredible World War II novel based on a true story.

A fabulous edition to Tania Blanchard’s wonderful books.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books