Bluebird by Malcolm Knox – Our Review


Our Review…

Bluebird by Malcolm Knox is unequivocally Australian, it is a bold and powerful exploration of family, bonds and brokenness set in a beachside suburb in Sydney.

Precariously balanced upon a clifftop overlooking the breathtaking Bluebird beach sits a home filled with complex characters, ‘The Lodge’ is a flailing dwelling and so are those who live inside it.

Having recently returned to town, Gordon Grimes lives in ‘The Lodge’ with his almost ex wife Kelly and their son Ben. The Lodge is in Gordon’s bones and his identity is so tied together with the home that his dwelling and personal life are disintegrating simultaneously.

Kelly, has left their marriage but is forced to return home to live under the same roof and it’s about as messy as you might imagine. Awkward, uncomfortable but entirely enthralling.

Ben has his own dramas, but above everything he is desperately trying to save his father.

Bluebird is deep, rich and profound.

Bursting with stories and characters, it takes time to find your place in the novel, but once you have it is impossible to put down.

A gnarly, hilarious and mesmerising book that explores nostalgia and the balance of living in the past but learning to embrace the present that we can all relate to.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books