The Motion Of The Body Through Space by Lionel Shriver – Our Review


Our review…

Serenata has always been a solo exerciser, she much prefers her own company and detests group activities of any kind. People are the problem.

At 60, her particularly active lifestyle has left her with dodgy knees and her dreaded knee reconstruction is a lingering and impending sense of doom.

Remington, her long term husband has always lived a sedentary lifestyle, and yet at this exact moment he decides to discover exercise for the very first time.

With Remington in his mid 60s training for a gruelling triathlon, while Serenata is confronted by her own physical fragility.

A perfect storm ensues throughout the book.

Lionel Shriver has this brilliant skill of dissecting contemporary culture in her sharp and witty prose. The Motion of the Body Through Space challenges the cult of fitness, the tension in marriage and the emotional journey along the way.

Perfect for fans of Lionel Shriver, or a fabulous novel to get started with her work.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books