Echolalia by Briohny Doyle – Our Review


Our Review…

‘Echolalia’ by Briohny Doyle is an incredibly emotional and heart wrenching tale of motherhood and the often isolating and unspoken struggles that many women face during the early years of a child’s life. Magnificently written in two interchanging tenses described as before and after, we hear the story of Emma Cormac.

Before: Emma lives in an enviable mansion and has a picture perfect life by any onlookers standards. But behind closed doors her hands are certainly full managing her strong willed 4 year old Clem, a 3 year old Arthur who doesn’t utter a word and baby Robbie who just won’t stop his incessant crying. A domineering mother in law Pat, certainly doesn’t help ease the pressure.

After: Clem is a troubled artist, making her way in the world while Arthur has flown as far away from home as possible. Pat would rather shrink away after the illustrious family Cormac name has been reprehensibly tainted.

While Emma has just been released from a state care facility and cannot imagine beginning a life again when baby Robbie will never get that chance.

‘Echolalia’ is a lot to take in, and the themes are not comfortable or easy. But it is brilliantly complex, powerful, profound and an important read.

Perfect for book clubs or to discuss and debrief with others, it does need a trigger warning.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books