Eco Heroes by Federica Magrin (Hardback)


Not all heroes wear capes, some just a yellow trench! Greta is only the last of a series of eco-heroes who, with their strength and loud voice, brought world’s attention to ecological issues to defend nature and the environment. This title presents some of the most important “eco-heroes”, both men and women, some of a very young age, who battled for a cleaner world or the safety of animals.

From WWF’s founder Julian Huxley, to Greenpeace’s, from National Geographic explorers Mike Fay and Michale Nichols to Swedish Greta Thunberg: read their stories and what they have accomplished! Great examples for children to follow: everyone who has a voice and strong ideas can become an eco-hero!

AGES: 9 plus
AUTHOR: Federica Magrin born in Varese in 1978 and has worked in publishing for over ten years, first as editor of Edizioni De Agostini and now as a freelance. She mainly works in children’s books, but also writes educational texts and stories and translates novels. Isabella Grott obtained a BA in graphics at the Beaux Arts Academy in Florence and graduated from Nemo Academy of Digital Arts. She collaborates with various publishers to create illustrated books, on paper and digital, and she teaches at the Nemo Academy in Florence.