EDUCATED: A Memoir by Tara Westover- Our Review


Our Review…Tara Westover is a strong, independent and powerful woman and it is through this lens that we read her memoir – ‘Educated’.
Westover grew up in a fundamental religious sect where she had a sheltered and perplexing childhood. No doctors, no formal education, no birth records are common place in her world.
In her teenage years Tara seeks to explore the world outside – a world which her family believe faces an imminent end. Here we are privy to the complexities of breaking out of a dysfunctional family. The grief, sadness and fear one experiences trying to find a future and hope in a life of her own.
Fighting to educate herself formally, finds Tara graduating from Cambridge with a Doctorate in History and it is after this she looks back to write her memoir.
A heart wrenching and heart-warming memoir of strength, resilience and a whole new world.
Review by Lydia @ GreatEscapeBooks