Elizabeth of York: The Last White Rose by Alison Weir


Tudor Rose Novel 1

‘This series is a serious achievement’ THE TIMES on SIX TUDOR QUEENS

‘Weir is excellent on the little details that bring a world to life’ GUARDIAN

Alison Weir, Sunday Times-bestselling author of the SIX TUDOR QUEENS series, returns with a captivating new trio of novels spanning three generations of history’s most iconic family, the Tudors.

Mother. Survivor. Queen. The spellbinding story of Elizabeth of York, the first Tudor queen.

AN ENGLISH PRINCESS, BORN INTO A WAR BETWEEN TWO FAMILIES. Eldest daughter of the royal House of York, Elizabeth dreams of a crown to call her own. But when her beloved father, King Edward, dies suddenly, her destiny is rewritten.

Her family’s enemies close in. Two young princes are murdered in the Tower. Then her uncle seizes power – and vows to make Elizabeth his queen.

But another claimant seeks the throne, the upstart son of the rival royal House of Lancaster. Marriage to this Henry Tudor would unite the white rose of York and the red of Lancaster – and change everything.

A great new age awaits. Now Elizabeth must choose her allies – and husband – wisely, and fight for her right to rule.

PRAISE FOR THE SIX TUDOR QUEENS SERIES: ‘This brilliant series has brought Henry VIII’s six wives to life as never before’ Tracy Borman

‘Profoundly moving… lingers long after the last page’ Elizabeth Fremantle ‘