Elmet by Fiona Mozley


Our Review…A magnificent sense of menace swirls in and around Elmet, the poetic debut novel by Fiona Mozley- a surprise Booker shortlisted title.

Fourteen-year-old Daniel idolises his father John -a giant bear of a man, who make his living with his fists -fighting for money with the 'travellers' (gypsies) or by settling debts for the less able.

Feared and admired, John feeds, educates and above all protects Danny and older sister Cathy from the outside world. Fiercely independent, he carves out an idyllic fortress- like existence in Elmet, a remote wooded forest, known as the 'celtic badlands' of northern England.

Yet, even he cannot hold the world at bay forever and a slow burning sense of unease builds as Price, a monied and unscrupulous landholder, decides to take back what is lawfully his.
This is a very contemporary take on the clash of the land-owning and serf classes in modern England.
Ultimately Elmet has you completely captivated right to it's powerful, vengeful conclusion. An incredible debut from an author to watch.
Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books