ABIA Longlisted 2022- Emotional Female by Yumiko Kadota – Our Review


Our Review…
Bold, brave and inspiring are the words that come to mind after reading Yumiko Kadota’s memoir, Emotional Female.

Yumiko Kadota knew what it was to succeed, a top student and well on her way to become a surgeon who lived by the motto ‘knife before life’ to illustrate her dedication to her career above all else, including living her life.

The expectations while studying to become a surgeon are almost unfathomable, with ridiculous work hours expected, including being on call throughout the night as well as the demands of the intricate and life risky work itself.

As a woman in a predominantly male speciality, Yumiko faced sexism and discrimination within the ranks and the need to prove herself became all too much and Yumiko quit.

From being labelled too confident to being accused of being too emotional, Yumiko so brilliantly articulates the unique and unjust challenges that women encounter to become recognised solely for their education, experience and skills rather than their gender in the Australian hospital system.

Intelligent, punchy and profound, this is a fantastic read.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

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