The Rules of Backyard Cricket by Jock Serong


“A story of the love and hate within families, of the failures of masculinity and is a vivid recreation of boyhood in 1970’s Australian suburbia. This is a unique Australian crime novel encompassing the folklore of cricket, both the
backyard variety and the international, told from the point of view of Darren Keefe, the younger brother of former Australian Cricket captain, Wally Keefe.
Darren’s life is literally flashing before his eyes as he lies gagged and bound in the boot of a car. He recounts his childhood growing up with Wally.
The differing traits of the brothers are evident on and off the cricket pitch with Wally being the more responsible and sensible and Darren being the larrikin who flits from scandal to controversy on and off the field.
The story is told in a technically precise cricket context, that even I could understand and appreciate!
Darkness seeps in page by page until you find yourself in the grip of an intense page turning thriller and a can’t put down final chapter. It is a funny crime novel that surprised me no end with how much I enjoyed reading it!” Review by Jenny @ Great Escape Books