Everyone and Everything by Nadine J. Cohen – Our Review


Our Review…

Everyone and Everything by Nadine J Cohen is a beautiful, tender portrayal of brokenness, forgiving oneself and learning to live again.
Yael Silver is a young woman whose world has come gloriously crashing down. She has always struggled with depression but until now, she has managed to keep it under control.
After some insurmountable challenges, Yael broke, into a million fragile pieces. Barely holding it together, her sister is her saving grace, and she awkwardly and tentatively is her safe place to fall, in the way sibling relationships often function.
We travel with Yael, as she struggles. In the times she battles to leave the house and yet blossoms at the local pool making the mostly unlikely of friends. We sit with Yael as she shares with her psychologist her sheer all-consuming darkness and as she curls up in safety with her beloved fur baby.
An incredible book that tackles difficult topics like mental health, toxic romantic relationships and grief in a way that is delicate, emotional, and profound. I absolutely loved this book; it was a journey of every emotion and deeply relatable. Witty, brilliantly written and guaranteed to make you feel.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

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