Everything You Need to Master Minecraft Earth by Ed Jefferson


With an early-access worldwide release date of October 2019, Minecraft Earth is set to be the next big gaming phenomenon.

Now you can get ahead of the game with Everything You Need to Master Minecraft Earth, the essential guide to the Augmented Reality spin-off that will bring Minecraft into our world in 2020 and beyond. This unofficial book contains everything you need to master the game, including: Tips on how to build up your collection of blocks, mobs and rare items by finding Tappables.

Build Plate ideas that will help you to craft incredible small-scale Augmented Reality structures with your friends – before placing them life-size into the real world. Hints on how to master Minecraft Earth Adventures, in which you can explore a Minecraft AR structure, solve tricky puzzles or battle hordes of Minecraft mobs in the world around you. A complete guide to all the mobs you’ll meet, including the new types developed specifically for Minecraft Earth.

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