Expectation by Anna Hope – Our Review

Our Review…
‘Expectation’ by Anna Hope is a magical, poetic, profound piece of writing; a complete delight to read. The type of book that at just 20 pages in, brings butterflies in excitement and anticipation of what is to come.

Lisa, Cate and Hannah are three university friends – three young, happy and carefree women making their way in a world of fun, art activism and freedom.

Over 10 years we follow their friendship with its highs and lows, privy to their hidden lives, to their secrets and shame. We are drawn into their group, to the intricacies of a trio and to the disappointments of unfulfilled hopes and dreams.

Reflecting on the bond of relationships, ‘Expectation’ is a tragic experiential guide of how and how not to support one another in our hardest moments – with the reality that our own pain, grief and jealousy can sabotage and hurt those who we are closest to.

‘Expectation’ asks, ‘What happens when our lives don’t follow the course we had hoped they would? How do we hold all of the missing pieces, and who will hold them alongside us?’

I just loved this book! One of my favourites for the year, it totally pulled me in and captured every piece of me.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books