Fathoms: The world in the whale by Rebecca Giggs – Our Review


Longlisted for Stella Prize 2021

Our Review:

Fathoms by Rebecca Giggs is a remarkably researched non fiction book that covers an expansive breadth of topic.

When the author is struck by a majestic humpback whale washed up on her local beach, a wondering is triggered in her that leads to this brilliant book. It is quite like a wildlife documentary that you leaves you awe inspired.

An engaging journey throughout the oceans, chasing incredible facts on different whale species, their habits and the history of whaling in different countries.

Fathoms is poetic, incredibly fascinating and filled with deep questions of the natural world, the environmental crisis we currently face and reflections on where this leaves us.

A book that is powerful, and left me curious for more.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

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