Fauna by Donna Mazza- Our Review


Our Review:

Set seventeen years into the future, Fauna is a soul challenging psychological drama.

Scientists are being hailed for breakthroughs that have meant that extinction of precious fauna like the mammoth and Tasmanian Tiger are being reversed.

Stacey and Izak are longing to add to their family, and are recruited into an experimental IVF program. LifeBLOOD is a very private cutting edge company that offer incredible lucrative opportunities to join.

With the technology, Stacey and her husband’s embryo will be blended with edited cells. No one knows just how edited, and what the consequences of the trial will be…

Fauna is a book for our time, a book that is about the importance of family, of love and about how far a mother will go to protect her young.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books