Fifteen Seconds of Brave: The wisdom of survivors by Melissa Doyle – Our Review


Our Review…

Filled with incredible stories of love, resilience, and hope, ’15 Seconds of Brave’ by Melissa Doyle is honestly the most breathtaking book.

In her twenty-five year long career as a popular television presenter for Channel 7, Melissa Doyle was often struck by the stories of ordinary people experiencing extraordinary circumstances. It is out of this experience, while feeling off kilter during the long pandemic and many personal life changes that the book came to life.

Revisiting each one of these people, interviewing them and hearing their stories of the unimaginable and how they survived it, makes for a remarkable read.

It is real, raw, and introspective. So brilliantly written, it reads like you are right in the room listening in a real time. Keep the tissues beside you for this one, you won’t be able get through it without shedding a tear.

This would make an excellent Christmas gift, instead of the tin of chocolates.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books