Finding Clara by Anika Scott – Our Review


Our Review…
Finding Clara, a novel of love, morality and justice, intriguing in that it is written from the shattered German perspective.

It is a little under two years since the war ended and Germany is in ruins – with its citizens bewildered, aimless with little hope or direction.

We first meet Clara who is laying low, living in a shabby boarding house – hiding under an assumed name with absolutely no family or allies. We sense she has fallen dramatically from grace.

As she dodges British allied forces seeking out war criminals, and travels to seek refuge in Essen with her closest friend Elisa (now missing) her aristocratic past is revealed.

Written with several narrative threads, two more central characters’ enter the novel as Clara struggles to uncover family secrets and come to terms with her own naivety and complicity in her beloved father’s central role in the Nazi war effort.

A captivating read, Finding Clara is a mesmerizing page-turner that questions the morality of collaboration and justice from citizens caught in the crossfire of Nazi Germany.
Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books