Flames by Robbie Arnott – Our Review


Our Review…

The death and subsequent rebirth of Levi and Charlotte McAllister’s mother sets into motion the enthralling storyline for Robbie Arnott’s debut novel Flames.

The McAllister’s are not unfamiliar with reincarnation amongst the women in their family, so when Levi mistakes his sister’s grief for fear of a similar fate, the construction of a coffin presents itself as a reasonable solution to Levi. Interpreting it as a threat, Charlotte flee’s the perceived danger and embarks on her own journey.

This fragmented account of the McAllister family’s grief, interspersed with river gods, small town personalities and a peculiar relationship between a seal and a fisherman comes full circle to present one of the most uniquely brilliant accounts of magical realism.

A fully immersive experience that at once feels profound and atmospheric whist also being playful and fun is an absolute must read.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books