Fleishman Is In Trouble by Taffy Brodesser-Akner- Our Review


Longlisted for the ABIA International Book of the Year 2020
Fast-paced and very funny…

Spinning uncontrollably after being ejected from his marriage by wealthy, controlling Rachel, Toby is thrown into the intoxicating world of on-line dating, apps and an unlimited world of women who want him, send graphic images and promise no obligation, rampart sex. Balancing his life as a surgeon and very caring father of two he is starting to enjoy this lifestyle when suddenly, Rachel goes off the grid, no answering phone, e/mails or contact to her numerous assistants and PA.

Toby has the kids wondering what has happened, and where is mum? This also puts a dampener on his love life as the kids are full-time at his home. Unknown to everyone, Rachel is having her private meltdown as being enormously wealthy and successful makes her desirable, but only to a certain degree, Rachel wants more, but men use her. Revealing, at times hilarious view of love, marriage, children and the battles both men and women have to stay afloat when success seemed to be enough. Like ‘Maybe The Horse Will Talk’, very entertaining with real and serious issues at stake. Fabulous and entertaining, loved this story.

Review by Sue @ Great Escape Books