Flipper and Finnegan – The True Story of How Tiny Jumpers Saved Little Penguins by Sophie Cunningham and Illustrated by Anil Tortop- Our Review


Our Review…

A true story of the 2001 oil spill in Phillip Bay, Flipper and Finnegan is an incredible tale of friendship and hearting teamwork.

Residing on the shores of Phillip Island with their friends the wallabies and bandicoots, Flipper and Finnegan spend their days somersaulting through the ocean and parading on the picturesque beaches. One day Flipper, Finnegan and their penguin friends find themselves facing the devastating effects on an oil spill. Alone, and exhausted the penguins urgently need help.

This story describes the remarkable work of the local Wildlife Rangers and thousands of people globally who sent in tiny, knitted jumpers to help the penguins on their journey to recovery. In collaboration with the striking, delightful illustrations this is a beautiful story and important reminder of the impacts we can make both positive and detrimental on the environment and wildlife that call it home.

Review by Jess @ Great Escape Books