Force of Nature by Jane Harper- Review


Our Review….
Five women walk into the Australian bush on a work team-building exercise and only four emerge – what happened to the fifth, Alice Russell and where is she?
Federal Police agent, Aaron Falk returns after his debut in ‘The Dry’ to attempt to unravel this mystery. As the 4 lost women finally return, they all have a different story about what happened to Alice. Falk and his partner, Carmen Cooper, uncover a web of deception, mistrust and suspicion formed between the remaining four women during their ill-fated hike.
This mystery is entangled- everyone is interconnected in some way and everyone is responsible. You will constantly switch between guessing the fate of Alice and her possible perpetrator and you will keep guessing right to the very end.
Once again the Australian landscape is very much a main character of this book, but this time instead of a harsh drought-ravaged farming community, we have wet, cold, and bleak and frightening conditions of the southern Australian bush for the lost and hungry women.
‘Force of Nature’ is a fabulous insight into the human spirit and how we are all liable for our own actions. Jane Harper has done it again- a sensational read!
Review by Jenny & Nicole @ Great Escape Books