Four Seasons in Japan by Nick Bradley – Our Review


Our Review…

Be transported to the blossoming streets of Japan this winter with the most beautifully told story, Four Seasons in Japan by Nick Bradley.
Following the lives of three people, we meet Flo, a translator who is experiencing a crisis of life who finds a book on the train in Tokyo and is compelled by the mysterious story within the pages.
Kyo is a young man who is straddled between the expectations of traditional life and the creative life that calls to him.
Ayako is the matriarch, the strict and harsh grandmother of Kyo who runs a coffee shop in the village of Onomichi and who is bound by the traditions of staunch strength, a tough exterior, and a cutting manner in her interactions with her grandson.
As Flo translates the book, she is compelled by the words and is drawn to track down the characters she comes to know.
This incredible book within a book, follows the seasons of life for grandmother and grandson as they begin to understand one another, communicate clumsily and harshly and heartbreakingly as their own history of loss and grief informs their brokenness.
An enthralling fiction, while filled with moments of sadness, it is ultimately a story of love, compassion, and care, all cased within a deeply cultural lense. A truly gorgeous and unique book with great depth.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books