Fourteen: My year of darkness, and the light that followed by Shannon Molloy – Our Review


ABIA Longlist 2021 – Biography Book of the Year

Our Review:
Shannon Molloy has written a courageous and vulnerable memoir, an account that reflects back on the year he turned fourteen.

To say, growing up in regional Queensland, attending a conservative all boys Rugby obsessed Catholic school and coming to identify as gay was a tumultuous journey, is an understatement.

Molloy has created a candid book that so brilliantly conveys the profound struggle of survival that were his teenage years, marred by constant bullying and harassment.

Cocooned by a loving and supportive family, the unconditional love and acceptance from both his mother and siblings, Molloy comes to understand himself and we are privy to all of the angst and fight along the way.

This book is a coming of age story with trauma and struggle, and yet it is underpinned with hope and love. A book that reflects so brilliantly and is filled with power and tenacity.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books