Fragile Creatures: A Memoir by Khin Myint – Our Review


Our Review…

Fragile Creatures: A Memoir by Khin Myint is a beautiful yet desperately emotional window into the life of Khin and his family.
Khin’s sister Theda is unimaginably unwell, with a little-known illness that most Drs won’t understand, let alone the wider community. Theda has a euthanasia drug promising her freedom from the solitary debilitating disease hidden under her bed, and yet there is little peace surrounding.
Khin knows his sister is suffering some kind of physical illness but can’t help but wonder whether there is a psychological aspect to her suffering too. Having grown up in Perth as a minority Burmese-Australian child, things were not easy for either Khin or his sister, and complex family dynamics have left a sense of brokenness that haunts them from the inside out, Theda has been through a lot.
Fleeing to other parts of the world, Khin finds a sense of peace in travelling, a way to simultaneously be untethered yet on a path to finding himself. But a recent relationship on break up has turned toxic and is adding more turmoil to an already broken spirit. Khin is floundering with the worry for his sister, his mum, his complex traditional father, and a home that at times never really accepted him.
Fragile Creatures is a raw, grief-stricken, and honest account of life for Khin, his love and loss for his family, the unacceptable racism that formed his worldview, and his journey towards self-acceptance and identity.
This is a truly compelling book. It is a brilliantly written memoir and is an honour to be welcomed within the authentic and vulnerable pages.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books