French Braid by Anne Tyler – Our Review


Our Review…

Mercy and Robin have been married since school and their three grown children Alice, Lily and young David are either married or finalising education, leaving them in the twilight zone.

Anne Tyler’s mastery is in the building of characters and the many shades that make up the human condition.

Their children forge ahead with life, children, careers and the stuff of life watched by their parents who follow and drag them all together for family events. Their different paths evident as they are more and more individuals.

Mercy is slowly drifting away from the home, setting up her art studio and slowly moving the bits and pieces she needs to stay overnight more and more. David is mostly accepting and does what he has always done, pottering around and normal gatherings with the family.

An interesting study in relationships in all their variations, beautifully crafted and an engaging journey.

Review by Sue @ Great Escape Books.