Fresh Family recipes & stories inspired by Stephanie’s Kitchen Gardens by Stephanie Alexander


‘The world of food is endlessly intriguing. After more than 60 years of cooking and sharing meals, I am still in love with it.’

For the last 20 years, Stephanie Alexander, Australia’s most respected and authoritative cook and food writer, has been encouraging our children to develop a deep love of good food. Through the Kitchen Garden Foundation, she has helped more than 1000 Australian schools and many thousands of families learn the simple but profound pleasures of the garden, the kitchen and the table.

In Fresh, she shares over 120 recipes, most of them vegetable based. These are the recipes that primary-aged children have cooked with flair and shared with enjoyment, upending the notion that kids don’t like veggies and creating a generation of passionate and accomplished home cooks. The recipes inspire cooks of all ages and backgrounds to use vegetables and herbs as the star ingredient. They are quick to prepare, make use of accessible and inexpensive ingredients and, most importantly, taste delicious.