From Snow to Ash by Anthony Sharwood – Our Review


Our Review…

‘From Snow to Ash’ is an enthralling adventure with Anthony Sharwood as he details his solo trek through the Australian Alps Walking Track.

An award winning journalist and father, tackling the trek is no mean feat with the track being regarded as Australia’s most gruelling mainland hiking trail. To add to the journey, Anthony is completing his trail in the middle of last summer, the infamous and devastating period categorised by some of the worst fires in Australia’s history.

While traipsing all the way from Gippsland in Victoria to the borders of Canberra the author must reconcile his own thoughts and find a deep inner strength to rally along the way.

A fascinating account of the natural world and the dichotomy of Australia’s sheer beauty and terrifying dangers. Engaging and easy to read, a wonderful escape to enjoy while our own travel adventures are halted.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books