Fur-Ever Loved: A Letter to my Dog by Ken Drake


This beautifully presented book contains ‘love letters’ from owners to their beloved dogs. Each letter is accompanied by a portrait of the dog taken by pet photographer Ken Drake. The ‘love letters’ to the dogs in this book are a snapshot of the bond we have with our furry, four-legged friends, as they express journeys of love, heartbreak, family and companionship. Ken, and his wife Bec, are also passionate about helping animals in need and make an effort to work with many charities – they even launched the Zoo Studio Foundation so they could provide a greater focus on raising funds, using their photographic and business skills for charities that can’t necessarily do it all themselves.

Animal lovers photographic art connoisseurs alike will fall in love with this book. Ken’s unusual and highly effective signature style of shooting a pet portrait’s on a black background is complimented by the heartfelt love letters of the dog’s owner to their beloved pet/best friend. This book will pull on the heart strings of every ‘dog lover’ – it is a true testament to the bond of dog and man.