Generation F: Why We Still Struggle With Sex and Power by Virginia Trioli- Our Review


Our Review:
In the wake of the Me Too movement, Virginia Trioli’s book ‘Generation F’ is a piercing book that speaks right into the centre of the issues.

Flashback to the mid 90s… Australia was gripped in a debate about gender equality, harassment and power after the high profile Ormond College case.

The Master of Ormond College in Melbourne had just been acquitted of the sexual harassment of two students, disbelief and satisfaction at the verdict, polarising people from all walks of life.

In response, Helen Garner published her bestselling book about the case ‘The First Stone’ which further added to the controversy.

As a young reporter Virginia Trioli bravely and effectively countered this by examining and speaking true stories of the diabolical state of sexual harassment in Australia and of the desperate need for feminism to bring evolution to our society and future.

Eerily, this book with updated sections, while published twenty five years ago, is equally as relevant and challenging as when it was first released.

A must to both read and discuss. Powerful and profound.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books