Ghosts by Dolly Alderton – Our Review


Our Review…

From the author of Everything I Know About Love and host of the popular podcast, The High Low comes Dolly Alderton’s exceptional debut novel. Ghosts is a modern representation of life in your late twenties to early thirties. This book focuses on the time when some of us are travelling the globe, searching for our soulmates, focusing on careers, getting married and starting our own families.

Nina George Dean is living life in London as the author and creator of two highly successful cookbooks. This novel begins on her thirty-second birthday, as she analyses all that she has achieved and is yet to achieve in yet another year around the sun.

We journey with Nina as she navigates the soul-crushing world of dating apps, being an usher at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding to someone else and the devastating blow when her own dad starts forgetting who she is.

This book is full of a range of loveable and despicable characters, all of which we can relate to in some way or another. Alderton’s witty observations of life will have you laughing, crying and questioning everything you think you know about your single and married friends. A wonderful read for anybody looking for a new take on what life is like for those creeping into their thirties.

Review by Jackie @ Great Escape Books